Ever sent an email and wondered if it was read?

Cue helps you nurture and build better relationships by letting you know who's reading your emails, when and how often.

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Cue - Email Tracking For Professionals

What is cue?

The knowledge to better your relationships

  • Engage your clients

  • Follow up with leads

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Who should use cue?

  • Who Should Use Cue?

    Sales Professionals

  • Who Should Use Cue?


  • Who Should Use Cue?

    Transactional Workers

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Where can I use Cue?

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Frequently asked questions

  • What email platforms does cue work with?

    Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook 365 through our Chrome plugin, or any email account via Outlook 2013/2016. Cue also works with your iPhone or other iOS device.

  • Can the recipient tell that I can track their email?

    Cue inserts an invisible tracking image into the email. Your recipient will not be able to tell the image is there unless they try to read the html code that makes up the email.

  • How accurate is the tracking?

    Cue relies on the recipient allowing images in their email. Most email users have images turned on which means cue is highly accurate. If a recipient does not have images allowed in their email your email will always show as unopened.

  • Why do my cue alerts show that "someone" has opened an email?

    When sending an email to multiple recipients they each have an email with the same tracking image, this means that we're unable to tell precisely who opened the email.

  • How should I use this new knowledge in my business?

    Knowing whether your email has been opened or not is a powerful tool to build a relationship. You should use this knowledge to continue a dialog with the recipient, not as proof to start an argument about an email being opened.

  • When a recipient clicks on a link from my email I get an alert, how can I use this?

    Its powerful to know when someone is on your website, you may use this cue to send them an email to let them know you were thinking about them, or if your website allows- start a chat with them.